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I love Key West.  I try to go at least once a year for a couple weeks.  The island's photographic topics are many and varied; from island huts, ruins, above ground cemeteries, beaches, sunsets, and animals.  I usually stay on Ramrod Key and drive into the city.  The islands in between have birds, a toppled bat house, even a freshwater alligator or two. 

 The last time I got back just at the beginning of March and barely escaped the COVID lockdown.  COVID has really done a number on my travel schedule, but thankfully no one has been seriously sick.  A week later Key West closed down and other people I know who were there had to leave early.

Higgs Beach pier is where the seagull picture on the right was made.  10 stop filter blurred the water and the seagulls some.  I learned in September how to remove a horizon line so the clouds and horizon are blended together. 

-b- 11/11/2020

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